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Message from the CEO & Founder

CEO of Nextron Nextron, a leader in high precision connector products ranging from medical to industrial and backplane subsystem, assemblies, tests and innovating technologies!

Nextron continues to develop new innovated solutions by utilizing cutting edge manufacturing and engineering technologies. These technologies are translated into the following:

i.  Nextron implemented a Lean manufacturing system to reduce waste, increase efficiency, and reduce lead times. This platform provides small-volume high-mix requirements without comprise to quality or the interruption of new products/designs.

ii. Nextron has adapted what they entitle  the “ecosystem”, 9 building blocks to success.  These building blocks and ecosystem allow Nextron to work synergistically with medical field professionals (doctors), universities (higher education fields), hospitals, top level engineers, global strategic supply chains, cutting edge manufacturing systems, governments, customers and the fields best designers in various electronic arenas. These nine building blocks and the ecosystem contributes to meeting our customers high level designs without comprise to quality or delivery!

Nextron’s founder, Stephen HSU, utilizes a “hands-on” approach with strong ethical and social values. These qualities are what our customers trust when it comes to delivering a system that they can rely on.  Due to Stephen’s Hsu’ leadership and these values, Nextron has received the highest corporate awards in the last the 3 years (Top 20% corporate government awards of all public companies in Taiwan) from the Taiwanese governing bodies. 

Our responsibility:  

is to our employees, our customer and our shareholders. We hold these responsibilities to the highest ethical standards!

Our mission statement:  

Nextron is committed to providing responsible innovation that allows our team members, community, and customers to move into the future together!

Our vision: 

Nextron will become a light without comprise and to forge forward as a champion.


  • +886-2-6616-2000
  • marketing@nextron.com.tw
  • 2F., No. 31, Ln. 169, Kangning St., Xizhi Dist., New Taipei City, 221425, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
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